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Tour Newsletter Dated December 5, 2016

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Dear Vacations To Go Customer,

In today's newsletter, I'm pleased to introduce you to two Tour Directors from Insight Vacations: Nancy Wanstall, who was born and raised in British Columbia and now leads tours in western Canada and parts of the U.S., and Peter Meahan, an Australian who lives in London and leads trips in Europe.

Below, Nancy and Peter talk about the Insight experience and share some of their favorite parts of the job.

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Below are my Q&As with Nancy and Peter.

Nancy Wanstall guides tours in the Canadian provinces of British Columbia and Alberta, the Yukon territory, Alaska and Montana. When she's not introducing Insight guests to the spectacular natural beauty of these destinations, she lives in a "most amazing little cabin" in a quiet coastal community on British Columbia's Sunshine Coast.

Nancy, what type of person is best suited to an escorted vacation?
Ideally, it's an individual who wishes to see and experience an insiders' view of a destination, culture and people. And it's a person who wants the details and logistics to be taken care of by someone like myself.

Can you tell us about a unique experience that you give your guests, something that they might miss if traveling on their own?
I always make an effort to lead my guests outdoors down relatively unknown trails that offer the views less seen. I like to show them the delicious local berries and plants, and a refreshing sip of water melting off a glacier. There are many hidden spots for wildlife viewing, whether it's where the elk rest after a day of grazing or a favorite nesting spot in a spruce tree where a pair of mated eagles raise their young every year.

Insight often chooses unique lodgings. What are your favorites?
I absolutely adore the Emerald Lake Lodge in Yoho National Park, an often overlooked national park in British Columbia.There are wonderful, easy walking trails along the lakeshore, or you can sit back with a glass of local wine and enjoy the tranquility. The lush evergreen forest surrounding your cabin-style room gives off the most incredible natural aromatherapy -- each breath you take is filled with the scent of fir and spruce tree needles.

Insight is known for the Signature Experiences featured on its itineraries. How would you describe these?
These are wonderful opportunities to connect with the local people of a destination and share with them the culture, the culinary delights and a personalized story.

What is one or two of your favorite Signature Experiences?
Growing up on British Columbia's west coast, I had an incredible opportunity to learn about our First Nations people. On my tour, our guests visit the Squamish Lil'wat Cultural Centre in Whistler, where they discover the legends, art, music and dance of the coastal people.

What sort of special evening entertainment do you arrange?
A few things I like to do include stargazing along the shores of Lake Louise, toasting s'mores over a campfire at Emerald Lake and strolling the inner harbor of the provincial capital of Victoria after dinner to photograph the historic Fairmont Empress hotel and the illuminated parliament building.

How do you help solo travelers feel welcome on an Insight tour?
By creating an environment of inclusivity. One of the benefits of group travel is that it allows you to make new friends. I like to introduce like-minded guests to each other and arrange seatings at dinner that allow for vibrant discussion.

I always incorporate seat rotations on our motor coaches. I believe that people's passion for their own creative endeavors is a brilliant way to come together -- for example, by sharing their photos.

What's a unique souvenir that people on your tours should keep an eye out for?
I encourage my guests to look for a souvenir made in Canada, in particular something that represents our First Nations people -- perhaps a soapstone carving by a local native artist or a dreamcatcher.

What is the biggest challenge in leading a tour group?
Time management! So many things to see and do and not enough time.

Peter Meahan leads panoramic, multicountry tours in Western Europe, as well as vacations in Spain, Portugal, Morocco and destinations in Eastern Europe. He never leaves home without his "sunglasses, reading glasses and a change of underclothes in my hand luggage."

Peter, how long have you worked with Insight Vacations?
Seven years.

What is the average number of travelers on your trips?
Our average group size is 30.

How do you help your guests feel comfortable while traveling abroad?
It is important to personally meet them and explain that their safety, health and enjoyment of the tour is my No. 1 priority. The guests are provided with my 24-hour contact details, and I explain that I shall be looking after them for the duration of the tour.

What is it like to travel on board an Insight motor coach?
Unrivalled safety and comfort. Our modern fleet of coaches have the most up-to-date safety features combined with extra legroom and smaller group sizes, so guests really do travel in total comfort.

What's one of your favorite things to introduce travelers to, something they might overlook otherwise?
A tramezzino, a small Italian sandwich, fresh and packed full of wonderful fillings. I love introducing guests to this Italian snack and also showing them one of the oldest places in Venice to buy them.

What's a favorite hotel that's used on Insight tours?
The Bauer Palladio in Venice, a 16th-century convent that is now a family-owned boutique hotel. With views over the Venetian Lagoon and toward St. Mark's Square, it is truly remarkable.

What special evenings do you plan for guests?
In Vienna I arrange a gala dinner followed by a Mozart and Strauss concert recital in an 18th-century palace. In Tuscany a good friend and chef not only personally welcomes us to his restaurant but also prepares one of the courses in front of the guests, using seasonal ingredients while explaining the cooking method.

What's your favorite photo op?
At the Chaillot Palais in Paris, you can get one of the best views and photos of the Eiffel Tower.

What is the biggest challenge in leading a tour group?
Managing the guests' expectations of a city, sight or experience. The reality can, at times, be different from the expectation. I am happy to say that 95% of the time, the guest finds the reality is far better.

What is your favorite part of the job?
The reaction from a guest when they fulfill that lifelong dream: ascending the Eiffel Tower, seeing St. Peter's Basilica, cruising along the Grand Canal, walking atop the walls of Dubrovnik -- the list goes on.

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8) Best of Ireland & Scotland, 15 days. Begins in Dublin and ends in Edinburgh. Save up to 10%. Starting at $3,128. Departures from April 12 through September 27, 2017.

9) Treasures of Italy, 12 days. Begins in Rome and ends in Venice. Save up to 10%. Starting at $3,195. Departures from May 5 through October 22, 2017.

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